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Call for Proposals - August 2019

Call for Proposals - August 2019

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the task is to review existing materials, consult different key stakeholders, develop and deliver a gender sensitive HRD case management that is simple, clear, participatory and user friendly for all case handlers and protection service providers especially at the grass root level.

Specific Objective

The specific objectives of the assignment are:

  1. Assess the existing materials and identify gaps including gender gaps in case management
  2. Literature/Document review
  3. Conduct 4 FGDs with HRDs supported and engaged, referral network members and Technical Thematic working group
  4. Conduct individual interviews with 8 specialized protection service providers in Kampala,
  5. Develop the draft HRD case management hand book.
  6. Facilitate the validation meeting organized by NCHRD-U to enrich the draft handbook.
  7. Incorporate the inputs of different key stakeholders and deliver a final HRD case management handbook.

The Consultant is expected to:

  1. Identify and prepare the resource materials to be revised through stakeholder and expert consultations
  2. Interact with key stakeholders in the HRD work portfolio to capture their experience and feedback for revising the content and materials
  3. Conduct FGDs of the selected groups which will take place in Kampala
  4. Engage other protection service providers in Kampala
  5. Review the existing materials and any other relevant document.
  6. Incorporate suggestions/feedback whilst preparing the draft case management handbook.
  7. Facilitate in the validation meeting of the draft case management hand book.
  8. Incorporate the inputs of different key stakeholders and finalize a gender sensitive HRD case management hand book for sharing with NCHRD-U and the DGF team.

Please refer to the attached document for more information including

  • Background
  • Key Deliverables
  • Time of Assignment
  • Management of Assignment
  • Qualification and Experience requirements
  • Application procedures
  • and more


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