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(Kampala-May 29th, 2017) The National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Uganda congratulates Ms. Pamela Judith Angwech for a well deserved win of the 2017 EU Human Rights Defenders Award. It in essence is recognition of the tremendous work Pamela has been engaging particularly as a grass root Human Rights Defenders.

The European Union Human Rights Defenders Award is presented annually for the last six years seeks to raise awareness of the work of Human Rights Defenders in Uganda. The Award presented by the European Union together with its Member states represented in Uganda recognizes and honors the achievements of individual Human Rights Defenders active in Uganda who in daily work contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights.

Ms. Pamela Judith Angwech founder of Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalisation (GWED-G), a grass root human rights initiative focusing on women and youth. Pamela is recognized for promoting the rights of war-affected women and girls suffering as a result of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war in Northern Uganda. She at some stage of the LRA conflict led a delegation of women to engage in peace talks with the deposed Joseph Kony in the Garamba forest. She has led protests including a nude protest on behalf of women in championing their land rights in Amuru, Gulu and Nwoya. She working within her organisation continues to be at the forefront of advancing women and girl’s rights and gender equality in the Northern region. Working with Defend Defender and Soleterie Onus she has also undertaken Human Rights Defenders capacity building initiatives.

“The EU HRD Award is in itself a significant recognition to Ms. Pamela and we hope other grass root HRDs find motivation to continue passionately undertaking human rights protection and promotion in their various communities” Said Ms. Brenda Kugonza National Coordinator.

Ms. Pamela emerged victor out of five passionate nominees. Inclusive of Ms. Rosemary Jane Nangobi a founder and director of Slum Women’s Initiative for Development in Jinja, Mr.Adrian Jjuko Executive Director of the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum, Mr Crispin Kaheru Coordinator of the Citizen’s Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda, Mr. Gard Bendable Ntegyereize Executive Director of World Voices Uganda.

Recognition that human rights defenders are key agents of change should be at the top of the agenda and we applaud the EU for championing this through recognition. We also applaud the European Union’s commitment to support HRDs and organisations working to build capacity of HRDs at national and now grass root levels. We also welcome the Dutch Ambassador H.E Henk Jan Bakker’s commitment of continued advocacy engagements with the state on emerging human rights concerns. These commitments embolden HRD’s struggle in ensuring respect for the promotion and protection of human rights.

HRDs in different parts of Uganda continue to be vital to the development of democratic processes and institutions, ending impunity, promotion and protection of human rights and highlighted cases of human rights that the government wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. This shows that HRDs can help to ensure long term sustainable development based on human rights. They deserve everyone’s support as well as protection by the government.

We congratulate Ms. Pamela Angwaich on this achievement and encourage her to continue empowering her community!

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Mr. Edward Serucaca Advocacy and Networking Officer

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